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NY mag

Meet the Internet’s Most Famous Pimple Popping Dermatologist
3/9/2016, New York Magazine



YouTube: We Curated The Best Of Skincare & Wellness
6/12/2016, Yahoo Beauty





Can You Make It Through These Pimple-Popping Videos Without Throwing Up?
4/30/2016, BuzzFeed
People React To Extraction Videos
5/11/2015, BuzzFeed
This Doctor Shares Her Amazing Blackhead Extractions On Instagram
4/29/2015, BuzzFeed



FOX21’s “Popaholics” outed as pimple popping goes mainstream
5/4/2016, Fox21 News


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This has to be Dr Pimple Popper’s most epic blackhead video ever
4/12/2016, Cosmopolitan AU
Dr. Pimple Popper’s newest video is both horrifying and fascinating
4/9/2016, Cosmopolitan UK
Is THIS why we love popping spots so much?
2/11/2016, Cosmopolitan UK
Want to watch a blackhead the size of a pebble get popped?
1/20/2016, Cosmopolitan UK
10 Insane Truths About Those Pimple Popping Videos
12/23/2015, Cosmopolitan
This Dermatologist’s Pimple-Popping Videos Made Her a Social Media Star
12/18/2015, Cosmopolitan
This Revolting Instagram Account Features Videos of a Doctor Popping Cysts and Blackheads
4/30/2015, Cosmopolitan



Viral Cyst-Pop Is The Lesion Of Doom
3/21/2016, Huffington Post
Dr Pimple Popper’s Instagram Account Is A Gross Yet ‘Hypnotizing’ Compilation Of Cyst Popping Videos
4/30/2015, Huffington Post UK



This Dermatologist Pops Pimples on YouTube and People Can’t Get Enough
3/22/2016, Teen Vogue



Dr. Pimple Popper Is Back To Make You Squirm, This Time Squeezing a Blackhead From a Woman’s Stomach
1/27/2016, Redbook Magazine



Here’s a Disgustingly Wonderful Compilation From Dr. Pimple Popper 
4/1/2016, BET News



This Is Why People Are Obsessed With Pimple-Popping Videos
3/15/2016, Greatist



Dr. Sandra Lee Is the YouTube Pimple Popping Community’s Main Squeeze
2/3/2016, Vice



Meet ‘Dr Pimple Popper,’ the Dermatologist Who Became a YouTube Sensation
4/21/2015, Racked




Explosive! Behind the internet’s fascination with pimple popping, zit zapping, and squeezing zits
4/30/2015, The Guardian

This Pimple-Popping Doc Is Taking Over The Internet
12/18/2015, Refinery29


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